Wait, why are you reading this? why-...

Oh well, so where do I start?


so, I am a…
- Filipino (Yes, Filipinos are Asian.)

- Straight/Female living Mochi

- Psychology student ( I actually enrolled myself in a wrong course, but I think it's okay. I think I'll learn to love this course anyway...despite such painful thorough research & thesis...)

- Introvert in public, extrovert in private.

- Imma otaku but I had limits to being one.

-nerdypants on the outside, kilig fangirl on the inside.

- I love rain. It calms me.

- I rant & reblog alot about certain issues that deeply disturbs me (racism etc) so don't expect me to sugarcoat my blog too much.

- I can't be considered as an activist ( I'm not worthy...) since I am more of a mere side blogger who agrees to the SJ activists. ( the right ones only, not the troll ones who self proclaimed as "SJ activists". ) & is tired of political/media lies.

- Actually, this blog is pretty much of piled up randomness from social issues to cats to fandoms to funny posts to food to cultures etc...sooo... *whispers* "Sorry for the mess... "

- Don't like what's inside this mess? I encourage you to unfollow me. Thank you. :)
- Aspiring Panda
- chaotic mind
- Likes any type of music.
- slightly photomaniac. Easily attracted to lights.
- I...am...AWKWARD. Deal with it.
-Loves to play video games.
-Loves to eat.
-bite size
-As sarcastic as Vice Ganda
-As fail as boy pick up
-4 eyes
-manufactured since Aug 20.
-no idea when to expire.
-mabait pag tulog, pag gising may kalog.
-multimedia artist wannabe...so bad. T^T
-Frustrated murderer- I mean…photographer
-certified painter! ( painting the walls, the doors,...painting you...the usual shit.)
-Don’t worry, I won’t bite, I just chew.

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