Wait, why are you reading this? why-...

Oh well, so where do I start?


so, I am a…
- Filipino (Yes, Filipinos are Asian.)

- Straight/Female living Mochi

- Filipino christian

- Psychology student ( I actually enrolled myself in a wrong course, but I think it's okay. I think I'll learn to love this course anyway...despite such painful thorough research & thesis...)

- Introvert in public, extrovert in private.

- Imma otaku but I had limits to being one.

-nerdypants on the outside, kilig fangirl on the inside.

- I love rain. It calms me.

- I'm not an SJ blogger nor I consider myself as an activist. I'm just a typical POC who ends up getting really interested on social issues and social justice because:

1.) I'm really tired of thinking myself that I'm "too sensitive" while forcing myself to hide the anger of being offended alot by racist things on the net. ( Colonial mentality )

2.) I'm getting tired of political/media lies both local and international.

3.) I'm getting tired of foreigners who degrades us, Filipinos, as if we're nothing but uneducated primitive beings.

So, now you know, Imma break my ignorant colonial mentality side now FTW!!! \( ^ u ^ / )

so don't expect me to sugarcoat my blog too much.

- Don't worry tho, I'm still me, same old me.

- This blog is pretty much of piled up randomness from social issues to cats to fandoms to funny posts to food to cultures, OTPs, personal rants, arts, stories, etc...sooo... *whispers* "Sorry for the mess... "

- Don't like what's inside this mess? I encourage you to unfollow me. Thank you. :)

-Ultimate chowder
- Aspiring Panda
- chaotic mind
- Likes any type of music.
- slightly photomaniac. Easily attracted to lights.
- I...am...AWKWARD. Deal with it.
-Loves to play video games.
-Loves to eat.
-bite size
-As sarcastic as Vice Ganda
-As fail as boy pick up
-4 eyes
-manufactured since Aug 20.
-no idea when to expire.
-mabait pag tulog, pag gising may kalog.
-multimedia artist wannabe...so bad. T^T
-Frustrated murderer- I mean…photographer
-certified painter! ( painting the walls, the doors,...painting you...the usual shit.)
-Don’t worry, I won’t bite, I just chew.

Asian Desserts.

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