Wait, why are you reading this? why-...

Oh well, so where do I start?


so, I am a…
- Filipino (Yes, Filipinos are Asian.)

- Straight/Female living Mochi

- Psychology student ( I actually enrolled myself in a wrong course, but I think it's okay. I think I'll learn to love this course anyway...despite such painful thorough research & thesis...)

- Introvert in public, extrovert in private.

- Imma otaku but I had limits to being one.

-nerdypants on the outside, kilig fangirl on the inside.

- I love rain. It calms me.

- I rant & reblog alot about certain issues that deeply disturbs me (racism etc) so don't expect me to sugarcoat my blog too much.

- I can't be considered as an activist ( I'm not worthy...) since I am more of a mere side blogger who agrees to the SJ activists. ( the right ones only, not the troll ones who self proclaimed as "SJ activists". ) & is tired of political/media lies.

- Actually, this blog is pretty much of piled up randomness from social issues to cats to fandoms to funny posts to food to cultures etc...sooo... *whispers* "Sorry for the mess... "

- Don't like what's inside this mess? I encourage you to unfollow me. Thank you. :)
- Aspiring Panda
- chaotic mind
- Likes any type of music.
- slightly photomaniac. Easily attracted to lights.
- I...am...AWKWARD. Deal with it.
-Loves to play video games.
-Loves to eat.
-bite size
-As sarcastic as Vice Ganda
-As fail as boy pick up
-4 eyes
-manufactured since Aug 20.
-no idea when to expire.
-mabait pag tulog, pag gising may kalog.
-multimedia artist wannabe...so bad. T^T
-Frustrated murderer- I mean…photographer
-certified painter! ( painting the walls, the doors,...painting you...the usual shit.)
-Don’t worry, I won’t bite, I just chew.



Bearded Dragon with cardboard by cardboard artist 鍾凱翔 Zhongkai Xiang

this some bullshit


it’s funny okay

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Mickey Rooney Role Nobody Wants to Talk Much About - Speakeasy - WSJ


APA #NOTYOURMASCOT SOLIDARITY: This week, a number of Asian Pacific American bloggers are writing to show their support for the Native American push to end racialized imagery in professional sports and popular culture at large. Check out Reappropriate.co for a full list of participating blogs.

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Goddess of Love
(Precolonial Philippines)

Another take on the Tagalog Goddess, Diyan Masalanta.



Goddess of Love

(Precolonial Philippines)

Another take on the Tagalog Goddess, Diyan Masalanta.


∟ Zuko/Katara fights + season finales || inspiration

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Coplaying Fionna from Adventure Time. I made the hat (crocheted), the backpack, clip in bangs, and sword. What time is it?!

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i dont even interpret “uwu” as a smiley i just read it as “oo woo”

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